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HVAC sizing calculations are mandated by the state law. The ACCA Manual J, D, & S method is the design rules set out by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. We ensure that your HVAC equipment meets your homes heating and cooling loads precisely so energy is not wasted during day to day operation. Thermal modeling and duct sizing software called Right-suite Universal is used to perform your ACCA Manual J,D, & S calculations, which reduces both your carbon footprint and your bills. 

Designing a System

  • When modeling the heating and cooling loads of a home we will need a full set of plans including structural, mechanical, and electrical. This enables us to determine the sizing requirements of the system, where ducting may or may not be used, and what type of system works best for the space. 

  • If you have an HVAC contractor you plan to work with we typically contact them on your behalf so that we can model the system using the equipment and specifications that they are familiar with.

  • From there we will construct a digital model of your home using our thermal analysis software. 

  • Once the model is built we will have an idea of how much cooling and heating your home requires.

  • We then size the HVAC equipment to fit your home and model any ducting that may be necessary to make the entire home comfortable. 

  • Once the system is designed we will perform a static pressure measurement to make sure that all of the components work well together. 

  • We then create an HVAC sizing report which includes a home loads summary, a static pressure report, a manual    S report, a plan check review summary, and a custom sized architectural drawing so that you may include the layout in your plans. 

  • Finally, we keep open lines of communication with your HVAC contractor so that we know that the system being installed is the same as the original design. 


HVAC  Design & Sizing is specific to your home

Antiquated approaches like "all homes need X number of tons of cooling per square foot" don't take into consideration elements like roof/wall insulation, high quality windows, furnace efficiency, and other important factors. Sizing of home heating and cooling equipment is a key component of efficient HVAC design. Every system should be custom designed to each unique home . Our methods are tried and true and guarantee optimal performance from your HVAC system.

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