CALGreen Plan Review & Inspecting

The purpose of CALGreen is to improve public health, safety, and general welfare through enhanced design and construction of buildings using concepts which reduce negative impacts and promote those principles which have a positive environmental impact and encourage sustainable construction practices.

CALGreen was adopted to address the five divisions of building construction:

  • Planning and design

  • Energy efficiency

  • Water efficiency and conservation

  • Material conservation and resource efficiency

  • Environmental quality

The Checklist

  • The CALGreen checklist is used to guarantee that green building practices are used from the beginning of the planning stage until the day the homeowners step foot inside inside their new home.   

  • The first step is that we (your CALGreen Inspectors) contact the jurisdiction you will be building in so that we can obtain that area's CALGreen checklist.  Not all checklists are the same and its important to obtain the correct one to make sure that you are meeting any additional local requirements. 

  • Then we need a full set of plans for you project.  We will thoroughly go over your plans in the plan review process and make sure that all of the CALGreen requirements are correctly and clearly labeled throughout. If something is missing we will note it in our detailed response along with instructions on how to get the design up to code. 

  • Once our review is done we will sign the initial signatures section on the checklist and you will be ready to submit for permit.

The Inspections


  • You will need to call us prior to your rough-in inspection in order to schedule a site visit with one of our inspectors. 

  • We will arrive and perform the summary inspection over the course of an hour or two. We will be looking for things like ducts being covered during construction, low VOC materials being used, low-flow fixtures and toilets, material moisture levels, and more. 

  • Once the inspection is complete we will give you a detailed inspection notice which covers any issues or items that need to be addressed. 

  • After any necessary remediations have been made we will sign off on the CALGreen rough-in inspection.


  • Again you will have to call us in advance to schedule an appointment which coincides with the building inspector's final inspection. 

  • During this inspection we will be looking for things like energy star appliances, energy star/watersense fixtures, low VOC paints, a homeowners booklet which contains the manuals for all appliances, and more.

  • If all of the CALGreen requirements are met we will sign off on the final inspection.  

CALGreen requirements change based upon scope of work and jurisdiction so please be sure to let us know what type of work is being performed and where.  That way we can have all of the documentation catered specifically to your project. 

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