HERS Testing

A.K.A. Home Energy Rating Systems - is the main method implemented by the California Energy Commision to ensure that new homes or alterations to existing homes are in fact as efficient as they are intended to be.  As HERS raters we use the most advanced Retrotec equipment to test and verify the specifications of things like HVAC systems, Insulation materials, and domestic hot water systems. This way, we can guarantee that the energy efficient aspects of a home are installed to the manufacturer's specifications giving the homeowner the highest energy savings return on their dollar as possible. 

Whole House Testing

  • Existing Field Verifications-  This test let's gives us credits for making energy efficient upgrades to an existing home which can later be used to get an addition or alteration into compliance with the new more stringent energy code. 

  • QII or Quality Insulation Installation-  This inspection process consists of three visits to a jobsite throughout the building air-sealing and insulation process. Through those tests we can determine if the installation was intalled correctly allowing it to achieve its maximum resistance to heat transfer or R-value.   As certified energy analysts we will often recommend other alternatives before suggesting QII.  The testing process is quite expensive and is unfortunately very difficult to pass.

  • Envelope Leakage Testing-  For this test we make sure that the home is in its "natural state" with all of the windows and doors closed.  We then pressurize the house with a blower door and test to see how much pressurized air leaks to the outside. Doing this allows us to show how leaky a house is and with modern day equipment we can even tell you the equivalent size of the hole in your homes envelope. 

HVAC Testing

  • Verified Refrigerant Charge-  Here we make sure your A.C. system is fully charged and ready to keep you cool this summer.  An A.C. that has too much or not enough refrigerant won't run efficiently and additional wear on the systems parts will reduce the lifespan of the unit. 

  • Duct Test-  For this test we pressurize your duct system and measure the amount of leakage using one of our manometers.

  • Low Leakage Air Handler-  We usually perform this test on furnaces in new houses which need additional credit in order to achieve compliance.  Just like a regular duct test we pressurize your duct system and measure the amount of leakage using one of our manometers. However, for this process the HVAC system has been designed by the contractor to achieve even less leakage than the normal 5%.  The low leakage percentage means that you aren't wasting money keeping critters in your attic warm throughout the winter.

  • Low Fan Efficacy-  This test is designed for new HVAC systems.  It tests how many watts of electricity the blower fan uses per cfm.  The standard is .58 watts/cfm but if the system is designed well that number can get as low as .25 watts/cfm.  

These are just a few of the many HERS tests we perform. Give us a call and we can dicuss the rest!

For more information on the equipment we use please visit https://www.retrotec.com/

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