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Founded in 2018, the mission of Delta T Energy is to help homeowners, architects and contractors achieve their green energy design goals. 

OUR MISSION   is to help people implement green design practices in residential and commercial building space. We will ensure our customers are informed regarding the benefits of integrated green building design. We will construct comfortable modern homes in a way that is minimally invasive to the earth all while keeping the expenses to a minimum. It is our hope that through these practices we can create homes which work symbiotically with both our surroundings and existing budgets.  

IN THE FUTURE   Delta T will branch off into a green design build firm where we will create passive/carbon neutral homes using recycled and natural materials. Additionally, we are in the process of researching and designing a solar powered aquaponics system for low input food cultivation. This system can be integrated into custom homes for fresh, low cost food and vegetables. We hope that in the future we will be fortunate enough to design and build Zero Net Energy green communities where neighbors can live together on shared-space properties in a supportive, conscientious, and environmentally friendly way. 

Brick Wall Building

     After graduating from Sonoma State I immediately took a position at the green building consulting firm at which I had interned during school.  Luckily they were the best of the best in the industry.  Throughout my first year at that company I studied like crazy and earned my California CEA license, HERS rater license, ACCA J, D, & S license, and CALGreen special inspector license.  The experience that I gained from my time at the green building firm was invaluable and led me to eventually starting my own firm.  I like to stay busy looking to broaden my horizons and gain knowledge. For that reason I'm currently continuing my education through BPI certifications and mechanical design courses.


We understand that navigating the California building codes can be difficult. Our clients find peace of mind knowing that our design team is here to guide the way. We use the newest integrative technologies to assist in commercial and residential designs, making them both green and affordable. 

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The Beginning
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HERS rater, Certified Energy Analyst, CALGreen Special Inspector, and ACCA Licensed HVAC Designer

Inspired by his love of the outdoors, Adrian founded Delta T to help homeowners, architects, and contractors in achieving their green energy design goals.  He founded Delta T with the mission of using the newest integrative technologies to assist in commercial and residential designs which are both green and affordable. 

Moving with his wife and children from the beautiful mountains of Colorado to Sonoma County, Adrian attended Sonoma State University and earned his B.S. in Energy Management & Design. Since then, he has been acquiring all the licenses possible to aid in the advancement of Delta T's knowledge base. His goal is to create as knowledgeable and versatile a company as possible to better serve his community.



Mechanical-Electrical Designer, Energy Analyst, HERS Rater, CALGreen Special Inspector, Mitsubishi Certified

Lawrence comes from a design background with emphasis on green building, modernization, and energy sustainability. His early years were within a residential design-build company from which then transitioned to engineering technical work in the automotive industry.


He has culminated within the commercial & residential building industry and has become a specialist with mechanical HVAC systems, building energy optimization, and the implementation of net-zero energy structures. With a multi-faceted skill-set and technical understanding, he has been a key asset for designers, builders, contractors and homeowners alike with achieving project goals.


HERS Rater, HVAC Designer

Veronica began working at Delta T Energy as a consultant and HERS rater in the Fall of 2019.  Having a strong desire to protect the environment and to protect the existing resources available, she wants to help others understand the importance of green building and design as an invaluable resource that allows us to create homes that can coexist with nature and still be affordable.


She studied at San Francisco State University where she received a BS in Civil Engineering.  She also attended Santa Rosa Junior College where she received an AS in Environmental Studies. 


Energy Analyst, HERS Rater, CALGreen Special Inspector, PR and Client Relations

Roy works with clients in their journey to an energy efficient building. He believes that energy efficient buildings are a step forward in removing carbon from our atmosphere. In his free time, Roy enjoys bass fishing and being in the sunshine.


Currently, Roy is finishing his undergrad B.S. in Environmental Science with a concentration in Energy Management & Design at Sonoma State University. His overall goal is to create energy efficient buildings to slow down global warming & carbon emissions in order to preserve his beloved bass fishing spots. 


Energy Analyst, CALGreen Special Inspector

Whitney is a licensed CalGreen inspector and Title 24 Energy Analyst who also handles web and marketing design.

Whitney is also finishing her B.S. at Sonoma State University in the Energy Management & Design Program. With a degree in Interior Design and additional background in marketing, Whitney brings an additional creative viewpoint to our well rounded team.


Energy Analyst, Designer

Brooke is an interior designer with a passion for sustainability. Designing spaces to make people feel comfortable, healthy, and happy is her main goal.


She is currently finishing her last year at San Francisco State University, to obtain her Bachelor of Science Degree in interior design with an emphasis on sustainability. She especially has an interest in biophilic design due to her love of nature. Brooke also has associates degrees in art history, fine arts, and studio arts. 

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